NIFL Discussion Groups - Social Media Projects

Here is where we will link to all the various projects that come out of our small group discussions.

Blogger: - Link to our main blog, which has our various conversations in the Comments for each post, as well as links to all participant blogs.
You can see links to our blogs, and a summary of reflections, here.



Google docs: Below are the links to the archived webinars held on Google Docs. Each Webinar is about an hour long - use the control bar to fast-forward (or rewind) as needed.

The Google Docs Group also collaborated on a Presenter slideshow. The link is open to all and the presentation is editable - feel free to add a slide about yourself or your program.

Lesson Repository:

**Photo Sharing**:


**Skype**: Link to Skype Files

Wikispaces: - Link to our Wiki sandbox